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We are recruiting people who want to utilize their language skills professionally
Based on the our main focus of partnership, The Task-Force Team introduces and dispatches talented human resources that have communication ability in various languages as well as Japanese to help satisfy the many needs of our clients.
Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpreting We adapt to various requests of our cloents, such as simultaneous translation at an international conference, a seminar or a lecture and consecutive translation at an office meeting or a business discussion.
Event & Promotional staff We offer talented and professional bilingual individuals who represent the company during a conference, during a business meeting, or at an international show, or for visitors who come from different countries and speak other languages. These talented staff represent by presenting or describing the product or service with their professional manner and skillful communication ability in Japanese and other languages.
Various Business Support We offer various business support in need of Japanese and foreign language skills such as correspondence with overseas visitors, support for overseas business trips and corresponding. Our billingual team understands the business environment in Japan and the local area needed arrangements.
Dispatch of Language Instructors We dispatch biingual language instructors specializing in linguistics for clients in need of teaching contents with the use of Japanese and other languages.
Translation and Re-writing Services We provide accurate and professional translation services taking in consideration the delicacies of the Japanese language and the native level of English.
Narration in English and MC Services We solve the difficulties and confusion caused by previously arranged interpretations or when directions or information is not properly transmitted.
Introduction and Dispatch of Talented Professionals We introduce career minded, skillful professionals in fields such as IT, Finance, Accounting, and the Medical Field. We support those from entry-level, foreign student graduate, to professional and executive.