Recruitment Process
Identify the purpose of the lessons and the client's requirements for the desired instructor
- Hold in-depth meetings with clients
- Corporate Business English programs, English conversation lessons, schools, ALT
Recruiting Instructors
- Utilize the WING website, affiliated overseas universities, introduced by WING instructors, and other classified ads
Screening Candidates
- Review candidates’ resume including their education/work experience, certificate, etc.
Interviewing Candidates
- Check candidate’s personal record
- Evaluate the candidate’s enthusiasm about teaching, interests in Japanese culture, etc.
- Observe a demo lesson and/or conduct a written examination
- Rate the candidate based on our interview check sheet
Introducing to Our Clients
- Arrange a meeting with our clients to introduce our recommended candidates
Accepting approval by Clients
Training for Instructors by WING
- Hold various training sessions depending on the students’ age and grades
- Learn about the education system in Japan
- Learn about teaching methods
- Learn about the daily life and work environment in Japan
- Acquire the basic level of Japanese language skills
- Review WING official working rules
- Take a medical check-up- Visit the school to confirm the location and transportation methods
- Hold meetings periodically even after placement