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WING Inc. has been dispatching a number of professional foreign language instructors since its foundation in 1988. Currently, we have 500 registered instructors and dispatch 103 instructors. 1: Dispatch and Introduce Professional Language Instructors to Various Schools
Strict Recruiting Standards and Thorough Support System
We set strict recruiting standards in the following criteria:
-Must be a native speaker of English
-Must be a college/university graduate
-Have a relevant English teaching certificate (CELTA, TESOL, TELF, and etc.)
-Have relevant experience (at least 2 years) of teaching English in Japan
Trusted Business Performance
WING instructors aim to communicate with students not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. They actively interact with students and follow up on their performance thoroughly.
“WING instructor is very cooperative. The instructor plays football with students during break time, participated in the sports festival voluntarily even he was on holiday. Our children are all happy with him.” – English teacher at an elementary school
“I appreciate that WING introduced us a very good teacher. They are very reliable are available to support us promptly in case of emergency.” – Principal of a junior high school
2: Dispatch and Introduce Professional Language Instructors to 
Business Enterprises and Organizations

We offer customized business English lessons for busy business people to meet the clients’ needs.

  • Acquire an adequate level of English skills in order to communicate among board members, engineers, and colleagues in East Asian countries.
  • M&A makes it mandatory even for office workers to communicate in English
  • Because the number of managers were sharply declined, factory engineers are required to learn English
  • Corporate headquarter requires its employees in the Japan office to improve their English skills
  • Globalization generates the demand for global human resource development
We provide customized solutions in order to meet clients’ needs 
thoroughly from identifying clients’ needs to providing constructive 
WING staff visit your office to listen to your voice and identify what kind of English skills are required.
WING and our professional native English instructors develop the best lesson plan that meets your requirements.
Instructors provide constructive feedback on students’ performance and encourage them to achieve their goals.