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Wing offers a variety of Business English courses with many options in terms of content, length, and skill level. We can arrange customized lessons based on an array of options, such as skill specific classes (email, presentations, negotiation, etc.), industry specific courses, TOEIC, and special training for newly hired employees and people being assigned overseas.。 Sample WING Biz English Programs
WING Biz English Programs
Biz1 Acquire skills to listen accurately and speak appropriately for enhanced communication
Biz2 Gain confidence to speak English and develop cross-cultural understanding
Biz3 Improve negotiation and/or presentation skills in English
Biz4 Learn about English correspondence and strengthen listening and speaking skills
Biz5 Improve email writing skills for ordering or dealing with complaints
Biz6 Hold training sessions for discussions and study jargon for specific industries
Biz7 Self Study
1. English phone lessons
2. Extensive listening and reading practices