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Our philosophy
Global Solutions

Global human resources is the basis of our services.
Not only to simply speak a foreign language, we are able to produce and offer human resources of a new value in response to the changes in the social and economic structure of Japan

We believe that by connecting education institutions, companies and people, we contribute to society through intercultural and international education and the development and offering of human resources that give new ideas to common challenges. It is these people who are contributing to the growth of tomorrow and the solutions of today .

Our Policy
Principle partners

The main focus of our business is our concept of principle partnership.
As partners of responsibility, WING`s staff share and understand the challenges of our clients and work towards efficient and effective solutions.

Areas of Expertise

Here we introduce our main business activities and areas of expertise

International Educational Opportunities
  • Dispatch of native language instructors
  • Planning and management of linguistic training
  • Overseas studying abroad opportunities
    (including US High School graduation qualification equivalency)
  • Overseas linguistic training, planning and management of school trips
Study Abroad, Training, and Cultural Exchange Opportunities
  • Overseas and the cultural experience programs for junior high school, senior high school and college/university students
  • Lifelong learning and overseas short and longer stay programs
  • International career internship programs

We offer solutions for companies with global needs.

Temporary Multilingual Personnel Service
  • Dispatch of bilingual language teachers
  • Dispatch and introduction of professional translators
Support of Global Activities
  • Translation and rewriting services
  • Dispatch of bilingual representatives for use at international exhibitions
  • Dispatch of bilingual staff for business meetings and correspondence with overseas visitors
  • The development of overseas business support. (pamphlets, videos, etc.)
Outsourcing Activities
  • Dispatch of care assistants for hospitals and the welfare centers
  • Dispatch of bilingual childcare workers
Corporate Outline
Foundation January 8th, 1988
Capital 20 million yen
Number of employees 10 Japanese employees
108 Foreign employees
A rising number of career registrants (as of April 2018)
Location 160-0022,502,1-14-5,Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Tel:03-3354-8101 Fax:03-3354-8837
Executive directors Representative director Shinjiro Ishikawa
Director Jeff Sinding
Auditor Kazuhisa Koyanagi
Business outline General Worker Dispatching Undertakings 13-301727
Paid Job-Placement Service 13-ユ-301694
Member organization The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Main clients Japan Business Development Inc. , HANKYU TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. , MIXFIX CO.,LTD. , Taiheiyo Printing Co.,Ltd. , Tempstaff Career Consulting Co.,Ltd. , Private school institutions in the Kanto area and neighboring prefectures , Municipal Board of Education , Kashima Gakuen High School
Network Pacific International Academy , PIA , Oregon State Tourism Organization , ABECCS INC , AZURE Co.,LTD